Saturday, July 4, 2015

*** Apple Releases iOS 8.4 Update ***
The latest Apple iOS 8.4 release fixes Bluetooth GPS issues with Dual, Bad Elf and GPS receivers on the iPad/iPhone.  It has been tested and confirmed to work with the iFly GPS App. 


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iFly GPS offers a simple yet powerful navigation solution that goes far beyond your imagination while keeping it simple and intuitive for all pilots. iFly GPS is the only game changing "Multi-Platform" navigation solution providing exhaustive support of ADS-B, Traffic, Weather on a dedicated aviation lineup as well as Android and IOS device.
iFly GPS delivers full-featured moving map navigation with advanced features like Geo-Referenced Hi-Def VFR & IFR Charts, de-cluttered Vector Mode, AutoTaxi+, RealView, comprehensive Active Alert System and more.

The new iFly GPS™ is the perfect combination of affordability, capability, and usability now available as a stand alone GPS or powerful tablet App.  It's Simply Amazing!  
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